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Jesus through John

Love is the antidote to the contagion of pain and suffering in which so many are engaged.  For eons you have tried to bring peace forcefully into being – by authoritarian legislation backed by penalties and punishments, by criminal violence against one another, by conflict between groups, and by wars between nations – and you know from your history and from personal experience that it simply does not work.  The remaining conflicts that are now in progress, even though they may appear insoluble, are the last to arise on the planet, and they will cease because the people who are engaged in them have had enough; and even as they fight they fully understand that violence leads only to further violence and not to solutions.

As Light-bearers, your task is to embrace the peace within yourselves by releasing all feelings of righteousness that are causing conflict within you.  The inflexibility…

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tavolozza di vita

“Nell’immensità della coscienza appare una luce, un puntolino veloce che traccia forme, assembra pensieri e sentimenti, idee e concetti, come la penna sul foglio. Tu sei quel puntolino, e muovendoti ricrei ogni volta il mondo. Ti arresti, e il mondo scompare. Va’ dentro, e vedrai che quel punto luminoso è l'”io sono”, come il riflesso nel corpo dell’immensità della luce. Solo la luce è, tutto il resto appare”.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

❤ ❤ ❤

“In the immensity of consciousness a light appears, a speck fast track forms, assembra thoughts and feelings, ideas and concepts, such as pen on paper. You’re that little dot, and recreate it each time by moving the world. You arrests, and world disappears. Go ‘inside, and you’ll see that the bright spot is the’ “I” as a reflection of the immensity of light in the body. Only the light is, everything else is. “


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tavolozza di vita

Dolce forza

Lampo improvviso
 in un cielo sereno
è porta aperta
oltre il confine
Ovattato stupore
nel silenzio di chi osserva
 perchè  una conchiglia
 conserva il suono
dell’oceano immenso
– una piccola scatola –
custodisce il segreto
dell’origine e della dolce forza
sciolte in gocce di sale
Tu dallo sguardo
profondo ed immoto
non sei consapevole
del tuo eterno valore:
Piccola anima innocente
è al tuo centro
la luce che sprigiona amore

12.09.2012 Poetyca

Soft force

Sudden flash
in a clear sky
is the open door
over the border
hushed wonder
in the silence of the beholder
because a shell
preserves the sound
of immense ocean
– A small box –
holds the secret
origin and sweet strength
dissolved in droplets of salt
You by the look
deep and motionless
are not aware
of your eternal value:
Innocent little soul
is to your center
the light that radiates love


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hello please blog

You have probably observed that people with newer physical bodies have very different psychological traits & behaviours to most of those existing in the generations above you?

The earliest of these generations was named the Indigo Generation or Indigo Children, referred to in the media as Generation X. The reason these evolutionary beings incarnated on Earth at the time they did was to plant the seeds of The Golden Age, challenging & rejecting out-of-date systems that no longer nourish the soul and allow the spirit of free expression.

Rather than copy those of the generations above and gain inherited life experience, the Indigos see the world and people through the eyes of truth and always seek to change where they feel necessary. They carry within them, a warrior spirit (that some can mis-take for anger or ADHD).

The Indigos arrived en masse because they wanted to serve humanity, earth and all…

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The New Divine Humanity

Freedom, The Body and Blueprint

So many Humans wonder what their body is.

Will it change completely? Will your body change form?

Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness are shifting to the Frequency of the 5th Dimension.

What is the Human body?

You are a Transmitted form of Consciousness;  your Blueprint Holds the Template of Your Form. When you cross over your Template  continues as part of your Original Blueprint.

I am From the Beyond where all Blueprints exist. In Eternal Union, Cosmic Codes of all Existence.

Think of  a Movie film playing from a projector showing on a Screen. Is the Projection viewed on  the screen  more real than the film itself?

You are now experiencing yourself as the Projection on the Screen viewed as  Your Reality 3D Earth.

You are Also the Template that is eternal, Your Original Blueprint.

Can you realize yourself as this Consciousness? Can you exist in a self-actualized state of Being…

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Raggioindaco blog.

Segnalato da Antonio – Grazie.

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Dopo l’incontro organizzato dalla Fondazione Keshe il 6 settembre a Ninov, abbiamo pensato di chiedere all’ambasciata informazioni al riguardo. Sotto trovate la nostra richiesta e più in basso la risposta dell’Ambasciata italiana. E’ una risposta che conferma solo la partecipazione. Ambasciatore

in merito all’incontro del 6 settembre tenuto a Ninov, promosso dalla Fondazione Keshe, con oggetto la presentazione di tecnologie innovative basate su reattori al plasma, in grado di soddisfare i principali bisogni del pianeta, desidereremmo sapere, in quanto cittadini italiani, quale sia stato l’esito di tale incontro e cosa abbia deciso di fare l’Italia in merito allo sviluppo di tali tecnologie.

Riteniamo estremamente importanti tali informazioni in quanto ci coinvolgono direttamente, pertanto vi chiediamo cortesemente una gradita risposta.

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