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The New Divine Humanity

Freedom, The Body and Blueprint

So many Humans wonder what their body is.

Will it change completely? Will your body change form?

Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness are shifting to the Frequency of the 5th Dimension.

What is the Human body?

You are a Transmitted form of Consciousness;  your Blueprint Holds the Template of Your Form. When you cross over your Template  continues as part of your Original Blueprint.

I am From the Beyond where all Blueprints exist. In Eternal Union, Cosmic Codes of all Existence.

Think of  a Movie film playing from a projector showing on a Screen. Is the Projection viewed on  the screen  more real than the film itself?

You are now experiencing yourself as the Projection on the Screen viewed as  Your Reality 3D Earth.

You are Also the Template that is eternal, Your Original Blueprint.

Can you realize yourself as this Consciousness? Can you exist in a self-actualized state of Being…

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