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The New Divine Humanity

Eternal Youth. Since time immemorial Human Beings have been focused on extending the Life Span as well as increase their youthfulness.

Years Back I practised changing the Human DNA to accept and integrate youthfulness into their DNA.  All DNA responds to the Activation in One strand.

Many People are obsessed with what they can do on the outside, external things to get access to youthfulness. The outside may be One level; and at the same time create the Block on the Deeper Internal level.

If you are functioning in a way that  Says I must always do this and that, it is required for me, then you are Living in LImitation. Your Beliefs around how things should play out, what you know, having control on external things,  Keeps the miraculous away. You can only experience your limitless Nature what ALL YOU HOLD NEAR and DEAR is  Internal and Eternal.

There are ways  to…

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