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how to CENTER yourself (centering technique)

Oracles and Healers

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As the frequencies of light continue to build toward your coming solstice, we would speak to you each morning with some suggestions to help you in your ability to utilize them to the fullest.

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

This waiting period — the calm and seemingly empty space before the grand awakening — can be and is very unsettling for many of you.  You are waiting in excited anticipation for an event of enormous significance which could occur at any moment, and yet it seems that nothing is happening to bring it on.

Due to your obsession with time, that aspect of the illusion has intensified over the last few decades to such an extent that patient, relaxed waiting has become very stressful for you.  And, of course, stress feeds on itself.  It is very important for you to detach regularly each day from these time-stresses that life in the illusion seems to impose on you.  It does not.  But you do impose them on yourselves by allowing yourselves to be ruled by “shoulds,” and shoulds almost always have an intense time element attached to them.

Look at…

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